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Welcome to Tiny Toes!  


Tiny Toes was created with the goal of offering children quality dance instruction with ultimate convenience for families in Utah.  Dance instructors travel to your child's daycare, preschool or elementary school to teach.We take pride in creating a fun and inspiring experience for each of our students.  Dancers learn how to incorporate movements with music, learning technique, creativity and artistic expression along the way.


Why sign your child up for dance?


Dance promotes many positive aspects to your child's development including self confidence, physical fitness, flexibility, patience and hard work.Young children naturally have the tendency to move and dance with music.  Dance class will nurture their ability and help to develop it.  Dancing is a great activity for children to stay active and engaged.  Physical activity will help to keep your child healthy and happy!


Why choose Tiny Toes?


Tiny Toes is geared towards families in Utah of full time working parents who may not have additional time to accommodate strict studio schedules.  Tiny Toes instruction takes place at the school your child already attends, eliminating extra commutes and schedule conflicts. All instructors have previous dance and teaching experience, as well as specific Tiny Toes training.Tiny Toes monthly tuition is extremely competitive and often lower than monthly tuition at local studios.  There is NO registration fee, NO performance fee and NO costume fee, and there never will be.  We are committed to keeping you and your child happy.  We are always available for your comments, suggestions or concerns.

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